Yes, I know: it should be a 48-star flag... The 115th A.A.A. Gun Battalion, 1943 to 1945

Symphony in B-Flak




WE humbly dedicate this work to the memory of
our beloved late Commander-in-Chief and President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the men of his command, our comrades-in-arms, who gave their lives in this the supreme test of democracy against aggression, tyranny and brutalism.


Lt. Col. David W. Hopper
... Commanding Officer
Maj. Emil R. Schinske
... Executive Officer
Maj. Clarence H. Jones
... Operations Officer



Capt. Orrin W. Gilbert
... March 20, 1943 to Aug. 3, 1943
Capt. George M. Harvey
... Aug. 3, 1943 to April 19, 1944
Capt. William C. Klatte
... April 19, 1944 to Sept. 16, 1944
Capt. Samuel H. Beer
... Sept. 16, 1944 to May 26, 1945
Ist Lt. Francis D. Moore
Executive Officer
... Oct. 27, 1943 to Jan. 28, 1945




YOUR contribution to the gigantic war effort in the European Theater was truly a "Symphony". Each of you was assigned an important part. You trained hard and long for it. You displayed energy, resourcefulness, courage, cheerfulness, and fairness in the execution of your assignments.

Many natural contrasts presented themselves. You came from all walks and stations of life. You submitted to a system of stern discipline to which you were unaccustomed. You fought in England, France, Luxembourg, and Germany -- each with its peculiar language and customs. You fought in all kinds of terrain, in all kinds of weather.

Yet withal any dissonance was drowned in the overall effect of your work. You worked together. You were a team. You enabled your Battery to accomplish well every mission assigned to it.

It was a magnificent symphony. It stirred the world. Your wives and children, your mothers and
fathers, your sisters and your brothers -- all who are near and dear to you can be justifiably proud of you. In your own hearts you know the part you played, and that knowledge should give you a personal satisfaction and happiness which no man shall ever be able to take from you.

Ist Lt. Eslie H. Hoffpauir
Battery Commander
Ist Lt. Wilbur F. Schneider
Executive Officer
2nd Lt. Frank J. Ray
Range Officer

Battery "B" group photo (Abensburg 1945)


THIS is a historical narrative of Battery B, 115th AAA Gun Battalion (Mobile), from the date of its activation until July 1, 1945. It is presented to the members of the Battery as a souvenir of our experiences together in Antiaircraft Artillery.

Your actions have made this publication possible, and you have colored your actions with your sentiments. Herein both are recorded, in as straightforward a manner as possible. We feel that this is YOUR book, because it reflects YOUR contribubtion in the present emergency.

You may not find your name recorded in the narrative. We believed you would prefer the narrative to be as impersonal as possible, since we could not describe the experiences of all of you.

We hope that you will treasure this souvenir, and that in days to come, or possibly years, you will lift "Symphony In B-Flak" from the shelf, peruse it, and be back once again with your buddies, the boys of "Baker" Battery.


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... dedicates their unit history, , to the late F.D.R., and introduces the work to the men of Battery B.
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