Yes, I know: it should be a 48-star flag... The 115th A.A.A. Gun Battalion, 1943 to 1945

Symphony in B-Flak


When an antiaircraft artillery Battery has reason to believe that it has destroyed or damaged an enemy aircraft, it submits a formal claim "through channels" to higher headquarters. This claim must be supported by accurate and detailed statements of facts and testimony of witnesses. The examination of evidence by higher headquarters is very strict.

For each Category I claim which is confirmed and awarded, a battery is entitled to paint one small swastika on each of the gun tubes, the radar, the computer, and the tracking head.

The conditions for the various categories of claims and awards are as follows:

CATEGORY I Destroyed
(a) Airplane seen to hit ground or sea.
(b) Airplane seen to break up in the air or descend in flames.
(c) Airplane forced to descend and is captured.
(d) Pilot seen to bail out (single engine only).
CATEGORY II Probably destroyed
(a) Enemy aircraft is obviously off combat under conditions leading to the conclusion that it must be a loss although it isn't actually seen to crash.
(a) Enemy aircraft is obviously damaged as a result of AA firing; (ex.) wheels drop off, part shot away, etc.
June 20, 1944   Cardonville   I
Aug. 7,1944   Ducey   I
Aug. 8,1944   Ducey   I
Dec. 23, 1944   Luxembourg   I
Dec. 29, 1944   Luxembourg   I
Mar. 25, 1945   Rhine Crossing   I
Mar. 23, 1945   Rhine Crossing   II
Mar. 23, 1945   Rhine Crossing   II
Mar. 23, 1945   Rhine Crossing   II
Mar. 23, 1945   Rhine Crossing   II
Dec. 23, 1944   Luxembourg   III
Dec. 30, 1944   Luxembourg   III
Mar. 26, 1945   Rhine Crossing   III

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