Yes, I know: it should be a 48-star flag... The 115th A.A.A. Gun Battalion, 1943 to 1945

Symphony in B-Flak

Appendix E -- BATTERY SONG

"Target for Tonight"

Sirens sounding loudly, piercing through the night,
Everybody up and turn out the light.
Radar's on the beam it seems to me;
They're searching everywhere in I.A.Z.

Rub-de-ub-bub Oh, listen to them boom,
Rub-de-ub-bub Oh, watch them as they zoom.
Rub-de-ub-bub They sing from night till noon
Rub-de-ub-bub Send me, Sammy, with an AA beat.

Confo's off the ball, power is small;
Radar, give a call to get on the ball;
Targets coming in; the guns are manned;
Waiting for the sound of Sam's command.


Data coming smooth, the rate is too;
Come on, Shooting Sam, let's throw up a few.
The guns are in remote, the rounds are old;
Come on, Shooting Sam, they're brass not gold.

Boogie Beat Rhythm
Goodwin, Del Aversano, Sara

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On This Page the lyrics to the Battery Song, "Target for Tonight".
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