Yes, I know: it should be a 48-star flag... The 115th A.A.A. Gun Battalion, 1943 to 1945

humbly dedicated to our dead.....

humbly dedicated to our dead...

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... dedicated their story to their war dead:

Stephen A. Chabay
Harry Godfrey
Vincent A. Montalbano
Richard Severn
Daniel P. Sheehan
Charles L. Shoenfelt
Milton Winick
Thomas Wylie

Illustration from page 7.
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The original text of The Story of the 115th A.A.A. Gun Battalion, published by the unit in 1945, is in the public domain. So how, you may ask, can I claim that the contents of these web pages are protected by copyright?

The answer is that it is my own transcription of the text and images into electronic format, and compilation into these web pages that is copyrighted. In addition, the web design, art, and annotations, plus all material from my father's personal albums are copyrighted original works. I reserve all rights to how all these materials are used. You may not copy them or store them in any retrieval system without permission.